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Just $395  No classrooms, virtual or real!

THE Most Convenient NSW Licensee Course - Fully ONLINE.

In September 2018, Liquor and Gaming New South Wales introduced a new mandatory course for most Licensees and Responsible Managers of licensed venues across NSW. This course is mandatory for most owners (Licensees) and management staff involved in the service of liquor in NSW Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Bottle Shops, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Night Clubs, Wineries, Licensed Cafes etc.

Australian Liquor Training, a registered brand of RTO Urban E-Learning, is proud to offer one of the first completely ONLINE* courses in NSW.  By online, we do not mean "virtual classroom" (although we do have that option as well), we mean a fully online* course you can complete from home or your office at your own convenient time(s), without having to book into a full-day "class".  You can even complete the course in smaller time chunks - our system remembers where you are up to!

​* Note:  Even though the course content is fully online, you will be required to complete a live video verbal assessment with one of our assessors at the end of the course.

The course provides the professional certified training for the responsible operation of NSW licensed venues and includes:

  • Qualified trainer with professional experience assessing your course responses (as required by L&G NSW);
  • Online course takes approx 6-7 hours total including all assessments;
  • Liquor & Gaming NSW approved Course Certificate emailed to you within 24 hours of course completion;
  • Great prices:  Fully Online - Just $395.

Our FULLY online course is approved by Liquor and Gaming NSW.  Click Here to Start Course Now. You will be taken to our course pre-enrolment information page, where you can register and get started straight away!

What Licensee Course(s) will you need to do?

Generally, if you are an existing Licensee, a club manager/secretary, or an approved manager, you will need to complete the NSW Licensee Course, and in some circumstances, you may need to complete an Advanced Licensee Training course.  You can use the Liquor and Gaming NSW tool below to check what courses you need to complete and by when.

Fully ONLINE, Approved Liquor & Gaming NSW Course - just $395  

Price includes the $90 fee we have to pay to Liquor & Gaming NSW to process the Interim Certificate.

You will need to take your Interim Certificate to a NSW Service Centre to get your Competency Card updated.

Note:  You will Need a Built-in Camera, or Webcam to complete this course

What You Will Learn From Your Course

  • Legal requirements as a manager of a licensed venue
  • Responsibilities under the Liquor Act 2007
  • Best practise for safe operation
  • Trading hours and trading conditions
  • Responsible service of alcohol and its affects
  • Management strategies for the responsible operation of a licensed venue 
  • Risk management and safety strategies
  • How to be a responsible leader as a Licensee

How Does the Fully ONLINE Course Work?

Our online course provides the same content as a face-to-face course, but instead of you having to travel to a real classroom, or even book into a fixed 1 day Agenda at a virtual classroom, you can do the course from the comfort and convenience of home, office, or your venue, at a time, or times that suit you!  You can even do an hour or so each day or night - our system remembers where you got up to. 

There are four basic steps:

Register & Pay 

Complete video course

and assessments

Receive interim certificate

Get Competency Card from NSW Service Centre 

About our Fully Online Course:

  • convenient - complete from home or your location
  • Can complete in smaller time chunks
  • 6-7 hrs course including assessments
  • Interim Certificate emailed to you ready to print
  • $90 cost of Interim Certificate included
  • NSW RSA renewal is automatic
  • NSW RCG renewal declaration*

Tech Requirements:

  • the online course is EASY to participate in, you will need a desktop or laptop (PC or Mac) with an up to date webcam or in-built camera, and speakers or possibly a simple phone-style earpiece.

ID Requirements:

  • You will require Photo ID, that we are required to sight and photograph during the video verbal assessment.

* RCG Competency Renewal.

You will be required to confirm one of the following as part of your Licensee training:

a) you do not have the RCG competency

b) you have the RCG competency but do not wish to renew it, or

c) you wish the renew your RCG competency and have completed the L&GNSW renewal course. You MUST complete the RCG renewal before you enrol for your Licensee training and complete the Licensee training within 90 days of renewal.

You can renew your card in a few easy steps:
1) Receive the renewal reminder, link, and instructions on completing the online refresher course. Ensure your details are kept up-to-date to receive the renewal reminders.
2) Complete the Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) online refresher training on any device.
3) Pay the renewal fee and receive a renewal interim certificate by email.
4) Upload your certificate when prompted as part of your Licensee training.

L&GNSW is the only provider of the online refresher training course. You cannot renew your card by doing a course with a registered training provider of RSA/RCG courses. It will not extend the validity of your competency card. This could affect your ability to work in a licensed premises.

We strongly recommend that you complete the online refresher course and renew your competencies before they expire so you can continue working. You cannot work in the industry once your card expires. Once your card expires the online renewal has a grace period of 28 days. You can complete your online refresher training during this grace period. Once your refresher training has been completed you can work again. If you don't renew your competencies in this time you will need to do the full course through an approved training provider of RSA/RCG courses to continue working in the industry.

Click here to visit the L&GNSW website for further information.

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