NSW Liquor Licensee Course

Fully ONLINE* Course Now Available, 

Face-to-Face & Virtual
Classroom Also Available.

THE Most Convenient NSW Licensee Training Course - Fully ONLINE*.

Australian Liquor Training, a registered brand of RTO Urban E-Learning, offers one of the first fully ONLINE* courses available in NSW.  By online, we do not mean "virtual classroom" (although we do have that option as well), we mean a fully online* course you can complete from home or your office at your own convenient time, without having to book into a full-day "class".


You can even complete the course in smaller time chunks - our system remembers where you are up to!

*Note:  Even though the course content is fully online, you will be required to complete a live v​ideo verbal assessment with one of our assessors at the end of the course.

The course provides the professional certified training for the responsible operation of NSW licensed venues and includes:

  • Qualified trainer with professional experience assessing your course responses (as required by L&G NSW) available to assist with any student queries Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm AEST.;
  • Online course takes approx 6-7 hours total;
  • Liquor & Gaming NSW approved course certificate emailed to you within 24 hours of course completion ($90 cost included);
  • Great price:  Fully Online just $3​95.

Our FULLY online course is now approved by Liquor and Gaming NSW.  Click Here to Start Course Now - you can get started straight away!

What Licensee Course(s) will you need to do?

Generally, if you are an existing Licensee, a club manager/secretary, or an approved manager, you will need to complete the NSW Licensee Course, and in some circumstances, you may need to complete an Advanced Licensee Training course.  You can use the Liquor and Gaming NSW tool below to check what courses you need to complete and by when.

In September 2018, Liquor and Gaming New South Wales introduced a new mandatory course for most Licensees and Responsible Managers of licensed venues across NSW. This course is mandatory for most owners (Licensees) and management staff involved in the service of liquor in NSW, ie: Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Bottle Shops, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Night Clubs, Wineries, Licensed Cafes etc.

If you aren’t sure what training you need to undertake, visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW website to check.

Australian Liquor Training, a registered brand of RTO Urban E-Learning (RTO #31973), is proud to have been chosen by Liquor and Gaming NSW, along with a very small handful of other RTO's, to create the course material and deliver the course.

The course provides the professional certified training for the responsible operation of NSW licensee venues and includes:

  • Qualified trainer/assessor with professional experience (as required by Liquor & Gaming NSW);
  • Options for Online, "Virtual Classroom" (via webcam) or face-to-face training groups;
  • Short, one day training course;
  • Liquor & Gaming NSW approved course certificate
  • Great prices: Fully Online $395; Virtual Classroom: $435*; Face-to-face group: $465**

* Minimum class number 4; downloadable PDF student guide supplied
** Minimum class number: client site: 5; we supply venue: 8. Hard copy student guide supplied.

Virtual Classroom NSW Licensee Training Course.

How Does the Virtual Classroom Course Work?

Our virtual classroom online course is similar to a face-to-face course, but instead of you having to travel to a classroom, you can do the course from the comfort and convenience of home, office, or your venue, via a simple "video-conferencing" platform.

There are four basic steps:

NSW Licensee course

Book date and sign up

Test teleconference platform.
Attend and complete virtual class on the booked date

Receive interim certificate

Get Competency Card from NSW Service Centre

About our Virtual Classroom Course:

  • convenient - complete from your location
  • 6-8 hrs course including assessments
  • Interim Certificate emailed to you ready to print
  • Cost of Interim Certificate ($90) included
  • NSW RSA renewal is automatic
  • NSW RCG renewal (requires short online refresher course)

Tech Requirements:

  • the online classroom is EASY to participate in, with either a PC, Mac, or Tablet, although we recommend a desktop or laptop with an up to date web cam, and possibly simple phone-style earpiece.
  • We use the "Zoom" platform - you can check the tech requirements here, and test your setup here

Face-to-Face Licensee Training Courses.

How Do Face-to-Face Classroom Courses Work?

Face-to-face classes can be arranged either at your venue, through a Liquor Accord, or by other group arrangement.  We can  arrange one of our qualified and experienced trainers to to facilitate classes starting at a minimum of 5 participants (client venue), or 8 participants (our venue) 

We supply a physical copy of the Leaner Guide, and your assessment is completed in the afternoon.

About our Face-to-face Classroom Course:

  • live classroom environment
  • 7-8 hrs course including assessments
  • Interim Certificate emailed to you ready to print day after
  • Cost of Interim Certificate ($90) included
  • NSW RSA renewal is automatic
  • NSW RCG renewal (requires short online refresher course)

Why Choose Us?

Short 1 Day

The entire course can be completed in just one day, Face-to-face; Virtual Classroom, or Online mode



We are one of only a few chosen RTO's  and our trainers are qualified industry professionals.

Fully Online Training Available 

Our course fully online course version is delivered mainly by convenient short videos and a downloadable PDF Learner Guide.

Approved Course Certificate

Once you have completed your course and your application is approved, you will receive your Approved Licensee Certificate ($90 fee is included in price).

Course Overview

NSW Department of Liquor & Gaming legislation will require most venues selling alcohol to the public for consumption on and off the premises to hold an approved NSW Licensee Certificate. Training for the NSW Licensee Certificate is mandatory for most registered managers and must be completed through an approved training provider.  

Australian Liquor Training is an approved RTO (Registered brand name of Urban E-Learning, RTO# 31973) and Liquor and Gaming NSW Approved Training Provider. The purpose of our course is to educate managers and senior operators regarding the NSW liquor laws and compliance requirements. Along with your legal requirements as a manager, our course will teach you a range of management strategies to assist with your compliance, and ensure the responsible operation of your business.

What You Will Learn From Your Course

  • Legal requirements as a manager of a licensed venue
  • Responsibilities under the Liquor Act 2007
  • Best practise for safe operation
  • Trading hours and trading conditions
  • Responsible service of alcohol and its affects
  • Management strategies for the responsible operation of a licensed venue 
  • Risk management and safety strategies
  • Noise management
  • Patron management and alcohol affected customers 

Online Course Preview:

Fully ONLINE, Official Liquor & Gaming NSW Course - just $395 

Price includes NSW Competency Card fee.

Note:  You will Need a Built-in Camera, or Webcam to complete this course